About us

 Welcome to Aeration Central, Inc.

Aeration Central, Inc. is a family owned and operated business dedicated to helping our customers find the right solutions for their needs. We focus on design, manufacturing, and sales of multiple products, with everything being sold directly to the end-user. This interaction keeps us a premier company for pond treatment products and practices because we know with confidence you are being guided in the right direction. To achieve this though, a solid foundation is required.

Knowledge is important for any supplier, but when the supplier has experience applying this knowledge repeatedly in the field, at countless variety of sites and conditions, this helps them relate to your situation. This is what Aeration Central offers in addition to top of the line products. We have experience with analysis, applications and installations, and repeated monitoring and testing of applications. When you call and tell us you have tried this or that, with or without success, our years of hands-on experience allows us to visualize and relate to where things are at. We can ask the right basic questions to understand the issue specific to your situation because there is a good chance we have been there or experienced something similar. Nothing beats talking to someone who has been in your shoes. If we don’t initially know, we will work with you to find a solution. With that said, knowledge and experience can only take you so far if you cannot provide the right products to support the recommendations. To insure this would happen, we knew what needed to be the next step.

We decided to design our own aeration systems and microbial products – the two biggest keys to a long-term solution to managing most pond problems. Our confidence in our ability to design and manufacture is directly related to our experiences. We have installed, maintained, and repaired aeration systems for years in the field. We have applied beneficial bacteria for years in the field. We have years of experience testing before and after installations and applications. In short, we have an appreciation for what you experience.

Lastly, we want to help you understand your pond. The more you know and communicate, the better we can help you. We emphasize ‘your pond’ because what works for your neighbor doesn’t mean it will work for you. For comparison sake, ponds are like humans. Humans have so many of the same characteristics, yet we are so different from one another. I realize some will find this hard to believe about ponds, but it’s the truth. This piece of information is one of the most important things you should know and appreciate about pond management. If you can do this, you open your mind to what can be and should be done to work towards your goals.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you.