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Aquashade (Gallon)

Aquashade is a blend of blue and yellow dyes, which creates sparkling blue water. Aquashade shades specific portions of the sunlight spectrum requiredÊfor underwater aquatic plant and algae growth.

Aquashadow Black (Gallon)

Aquashadow Black black pond dye tints the water a pleasing dark color, beautifying cloudy water. For use in lakes, ponds and decorative water features with little or no outflow.

Aquashadow Blue WSP (Four Packets Liquid)

Aquashadow is a blended colorant formulation in convenient water soluble packages (WSP) that highlights your water for a picture perfect landscape.

Cygnet Select Blue (Gallon)

Cygnet Select is an organic water dye that will color the water a deep rich blue. The coloring will remain visible for up to four months under normal conditions

Cygnet Select Extreme (Qt)

Cygnet Select EXTREME is formulated to the highest colorant concentration available to the aquatic industry, and improves the appearance of surface water by turning the water a deep rich blue.

Cygnet Select Extreme Black WSP (16 packets)

Cygnet Select EXTREME Black is a high concentrate colorant that that comes in convenient dissolvable packets. It helps create the unique natural look of black water lakes and ponds favored in golf course and resort locations.Ê