Volunteer to Test Products

As we continue to test new or current products, or research and develop new products for our customers, we continue to seek volunteers (no cost to you) to use these products in the field for a full season. These are products already laboratory and field tested, but not customer managed under a variety of circumstances and conditions.

Our reason for this approach is simple. These products are already laboratory and field tested and since we are a large supplier of products, we are after large volumes of ponds to test, under various conditions, to make sure when we offer a product and recommend a specific volume of product we feel confident in its performance. No two ponds are alike and getting results from numerous ponds throughout our great country gives us an understanding of performance in a variety of conditions. As with most products in this field, results vary greatly. Our recommendations or even if we will sell a product takes those variations under consideration.

Your responsibility is to apply the product as recommended and keep us updated as agreed to.

Please noted that not all volunteers or previous volunteers are accepted for the program.

Our current test product is a new beneficial bacteria. Complete the Contact Us form to begin the discussion on whether your situation fits a scenario we are looking for.

Thank you,

Aeration Central, Inc.